A woman discovers that some dreams come at a price.

IMG_2490 copyTrapped in a suffocating marriage by a domineering husband and the ongoing fight to save her younger brother from self-destruction, Rebecca Croft’s determination to do the right thing appears unassailable.   But when her carefully balanced existence is resolutely rocked by the arrival of a stranger from out of town, the opportunity to escape, if only fleetingly, proves too hard to resist. By the time she discovers this meeting was no chance encounter, Rebecca is in too deep and quite likely in danger.


“EJ Mack is an undiscovered gem for those who adore writing that surprises and delights, with clever twists. I have many books that I read and re-read, becoming like old friends. I will be adding Paper Boats to the BFF list.” ★★★★★

“Damn good read, not normally my type of book but it gripped me from start to finish, totally lost myself within the pages. Will there be a part two? I really hope so.” ★★★★★

“This is the third book I’ve read by EJ Mack. This is a very pacy read with unexpected twists and turns. You really feel like you personally know the characters. Well done. Looking forward to the fourth!” ★★★★★

“What a great start to my holiday. Could not put this amazing book down. Would be a fantastic book for a book club. Just when you think you know where the story is going it takes another turn. Brilliant.” ★★★★★

“I couldn’t put this book down…It keeps you guessing and transports you into Rebecca’s complex situation. Definitely recommend!” ★★★★★

“An excellent read. Gripping and refreshingly original.” ★★★★★

“She has a knack for really building a world and populating it with characters we all recognise and puts them in situations none of us would like to find ourselves in…there’s a wealth of story here that I loved.  A definite recommend.” ★★★★★

“..a very pacy read with unexpected twists and turns.” ★★★★★

“Another amazing story by ej mack, would recommend.” ★★★★★

“..this one is by far the best. Once I’d started reading it I didn’t want to either put it down or for it to end. Scarily relatable characters – from the main character to her husband and beyond. It makes you think – maybe nothing happens by chance…” ★★★★

“A mesmerising read whose plot leaves you guessing up to the end….totally engrossing.” ★★★★

“I want her to escape and follow her decisions with hope, right to the very bittersweet end.  More books please!” ★★★★

“The author clearly had faith in what she was doing. Rightly so.” ★★★★

“..a very satisfying book that kept me guessing until the end. I will recommend this to all others who want an interesting escapist novel to really get lost in.” ★★★

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