“This is the fourth EJ Mack book I have bought – and loved them all. Stories that really intrigue and keep you guessing, with brilliant characters getting caught in difficult and sometimes perilous situations. A definite recommend and I look forward to the fifth book!” ★★★★★

“Really enjoyed this. Will fondly be remembered as my sunny lockdown book which I couldn’t put down. Loved the characters, the two alternating time lines and captivating plot. Another smash from E J Mack” ★★★★★

“I really enjoyed this unusual story which unfolded across alternating chapters as it flicked between present day and a short period earlier. The two main characters are real and yet unusual, frustrating (as human behaviours often are) and enigmatic at the same time, and it results in a moving tale with dark undertones. Quite gripping!” ★★★★★

“I really enjoyed this book which is centered around the relationship between the young and rebellious Clemence and the over protective Guy. The question is: is he in love with Clemence, or is he in love with the power he has over Clemence?” ★★★★★

“I found this a wonderful, fun read, despite its darker subject matter. In Guy and Clemence EJ Mack has created two really compelling characters: neither of them wholly likeable and both wrestling with below-the-surface issues, and I was quickly invested in how the twists and turns of the story might turn out. I zoomed through this novel one weekend lying on a sunny lawn: very satisfying indeed!” ★★★★★

“A Plea for Clemency, the fourth novel by EJ Mack is the story of a friendship between Clemence, a French rebel, and Guy, a ‘normal’ Englishman who happened to have met in a bar several years beforehand. The narrative weaves around the pair through different stages of their relationship, revealing a dark secret that both would have preferred to have let lie. The story was a compelling delve into the human psyche and consequences formed from the different connections between people.” ★★★★★

IMG_2490 copy

“I read constantly and read all sorts of genres. It’s rare I find the kind of book that makes me miss the stop on the train or tube, but this had all the ingredients to grip the reader with brilliant descriptions and expressions, instantly conjuring up images that were with you as you read the developing story line. At the first chapter, you might be forgiven if you think it’s another ‘poor woman’ type book but as the story develops, the questioning style of writing means you are with the main characters, sympathising and colluding – then realising your train of thought was possibly mislead by artful construction of an elaborate web behind the main story line to a conclusion I never expected in a million years. EJ Mack is an undiscovered gem for those who adore writing that surprises and delights, with clever twists.  I have many books that I read and re-read, becoming like old friends. I will be adding Paper Boats to the BFF list.” ★★★★★

“What a great start to my holiday. Could not put this amazing book down. Would be a fantastic book for a book club. Just when you think you know where the story is going it takes another turn. Brilliant.” ★★★★★

“Another amazing story by ej mack, would recommend” ★★★★★

“I couldn’t put this book down. The characters are easy to relate to yet EJ Mack manages to create scenarios that draw you in to a world of intrigue and drama. Unlike some of the recent novels of this ilk I genuinely liked the main protagonist and cared about what happened to her. It keeps you guessing and transports you into Rebecca’s complex situation. Definitely recommend!” ★★★★★

“Damn good read, not normally my type of book but it gripped me from start to finish, totally lost myself within the pages.  Will there be a part two? I really hope so.” ★★★★★

“This is the third EJ MACK book that I have bought and read and I really enjoyed them all. She has a knack for really building a world and populating it with characters we all recognise and puts them in situations none of us would like to find ourselves in. Tangled relationships, power plays, bitter family enmities, guilt, deception and betrayals, secrets and lies on top of secrets and lies, there’s a wealth of story here that I loved.  A definite recommend.” ★★★★★

“An excellent read. Gripping and refreshingly original.” ★★★★★

“This is the third book I’ve read by EJ Mack. This is a very pacy read with unexpected twists and turns. You really feel like you personally know the characters. Well done. Looking forward to the fourth!” ★★★★★

“Just finished ‘Paper Boats’ – having read other books by EJ Mack this one is by far the best. Once I’d started reading it I didn’t want to either put it down or for it to end. Scarily relatable characters – from the main character to her husband and beyond. It makes you think – maybe nothing happens by chance…” ★★★★

“A mesmerising read whose plot leaves you guessing up to the end. As the consequences of Rebecca’s past reveal themselves, they spark a dramatic and tragic turn of events. Through the well-crafted descriptions, it was like I had climbed inside the book and could see each scene unfold in front of my eyes. I felt I was Rebecca and was, at times, frustrated with the character, willing her on to make the right choices, and at other times, found myself feeling hugely empathetic – the effect was totally engrossing.” ★★★★

“Very enjoyable. EJ Mack displays a nice lightness of touch in her writing which makes this an easy and pleasing read. For me that’s no mean feat. I was engaged by the domestic-ness (err that’s a word, right?) of the story and thought the pacing was strong. The author clearly had faith in what she was doing. Rightly so.” ★★★★

“A normal village, an unremarkable girl having a routine lunch in the park during a break from her routine job. So the book starts, and gradually I am taken beneath the surface of Rebecca’s outwardly calm life. The quiet nastiness of her marriage is a source of frustration at first; why on earth is she there? Once I know why and also begin to understand how insidious the onset of emotional abuse and neglect can be, I want her to escape and follow her decisions with hope, right to the very bittersweet end.  More books please! This is the second book I have read from this author, both enjoyed very much.” ★★★★

“I won this book as a prize from a GoodReads giveaway so was excited to start the book as my copy is signed and the book is not published yet- exciting! At first Paper Boats starts out as a romantic novel about a woman called Rebecca living in the small village of Hepton with her usual job as an estate agent and lawyer husband I really was not expecting the mystery that was to unfold. I found myself not knowing who to trust and believe, changing my mind every few pages. Overall a very satisfying book that kept me guessing until the end. I will recommend this to all others who want an interesting escapist novel to really get lost in.” ★★★


cover image © Alexandr Blinov (

“I could not put this book down. It made me cry, as it portrays families as they truly are, not perfect.The descriptions throughout the book make you feel as if you are there. I could feel the sun on my face in summer and the bitter cold of winter. The characters were extremely well developed and I grew to love them all. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I look forward to much more from this author. This book was splendid and will tug at your heart strings. Get it , Read it , Love it!” ★★★★★

“I couldn’t put it down and regretted having kindle on my phone as its a bit risky in the bath! Brilliant – thank you”

“In an age where we are beseiged by what I can only describe as very average literature on the bestseller shelves, how refreshing to read a new author who understands plot, characterisation and storytelling like EJ Mack.” ★★★★★

“A truly beautifully written book. I could not put this down and read it in one sitting, one sunny afternoon in the garden where I was transported to Tuscany. Great plot, believeable characters and a wonderful setting.” ★★★★★

“my fav new author…am only 100 pages in and wish i could get some kind of illness that would allow me to stay in bed and read all day – you know those books that you can’t put down even though with each page you know you are 1 page closer to the end and want it to go on forever…beautifully written and for 3 quid a complete bargain…a MUST read!!”

“it’s not often that a book lingers in my mind unless they are kind of special and this is one of those books.” ★★★★★

“Loved this book – a perfect holiday read. I invested in the main protagonists and was gripped by the unfolding story. One to watch. Bravo EJ Mack an excellent second novel!” ★★★★★

“I absolutely loved “A Silent Shore”. Beautifully written and I honestly could not put it down. More please.”

“a really gripping read….characteristic of Mack’s writing style” ★★★★★

“E.J. Mack has put together a well-woven plot sure to captivate her audience.” ★★★★★

“I loved, loved, loved it! Such an astoundingly beautiful love story imbedded in a family history that speaks volumes to what we all do at times to make our lives seem less ephemeral. So so amazing and beautifully written!”

“Another fantastic book by E J Mack. The story is readable and believable and the heartache heartfelt. I loved it..” ★★★★★

“Absolutely loved this book – once I had started it I didn’t want to put it down until I had found out what had happened…wonderful characters brought to life beautifully by the writing..” ★★★★★

“gagging for the next one! Why can’t authors write more quickly! I highly recommend you buy this book!” ★★★★★

“interesting themes and human motivations explored – from sibling rivalry and ambition through desperation and betrayal and on to vindictiveness and regret. Very enjoyable. I hope this author is already writing her next novel.” ★★★★★

“The secret tragedy at the heart of the story is very movingly written…If you like stories about secrets, about deceit and betrayal, about family rivalries, about hedonism and lust and love and the damage that can be caused by the careless use of power and sex, strongly written with genuinely touching moments, then this might be right up your street.” ★★★★★

‘A Silent Shore’ is now available in all ebook formats including Kindle and iBooks .  Also available as a paperback.


“this is a superb first by a brilliant new author.” ★★★★★

 “A love triangle with horrific twists and turns, its all there love, hate, desire and death, a real thriller! I highly recommend this book.” ★★★★★

“I like films and the description is so engaging and the plot so exciting that it’s reminiscent of classics such as Vertigo or Double Indemnity in the way it twists and it turns.” ★★★★★

 “The story threads are all very intriguing and yet realistic – it’s a tale of deception and fear of exposure you could imagine actually happening, as well as being exciting with a terrific rush to the finale.” ★★★★

“This was a great story. It gripped me from the first page and didn’t let go until I had finished it.” ★★★★

“excellent read – a twist at every corner! Kept me hooked all the way through.” ★★★★★

“Thank you E. J. Mack for a “GoodRead” :D” ★★★★

“her writing is absolutely fantastic. Beautiful prose.” ★★★

 “A fantastic thriller with twists and turns everywhere – beware of reading it in public because it will make you gasp in horror.” ★★★★★

“Betrayal, lies, secrets, love and blackmail all wrapped up in a nifty little thriller that keeps you hooked right up to the finale.” ★★★★

“an excellent book…totally gripped throughout with enough intrigue to make it impossible to let it go….” ★★★★★

“An excellent short story. Couldn’t put it down until finished. A great twist at the end too.” ★★★★★

“a truly gripping story with numerous twists and turns that kept me in suspense throughout.” ★★★★★

“I was lost in a world that swept me away.” ★★★★★

“I had to find out what was going to happen next. Won’t give it away, but you have GOT to get this book, you won’t be sorry!” ★★★★★

“There are great twists in this book and once you start it is hard to put down” ★★★★

“Loved it! I think this book would make a good LMN Movie!” ★★★★★

’25 Random Facts’ is now available digitally on Amazon and Apple iBookstore and in paperback via Lulu.