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So I’ve written it, blogged it and published it.  That should be enough shouldn’t it?  Apparently not.  Having chosen the DIY route for publishing ’25 Random Facts’ I am now faced with the daunting task of finding an audience.  No small feat, believe you me.

In my naive head I had thought that the publishing bit would signal the end of the work for me and I’d be free to develop my other ideas, scripts or maybe even edit the next book which is waiting in the wings.  Instead I am faced with a daily slog of trawling the internet for ways to promote and publicise my baby.  But publicise it I will.  As I have already said to some friends, I shall fight the good fight and just hope I don’t drive too many people mad along the way.

I have made my first approaches to book bloggers and await responses.  I am hopeful already of a review and an excerpt being posted but I was never one to count my eggs.  So in the meantime I will just have to try and exhaust every avenue I come across.  Which leads me to this blog.  I keep reading that people like to follow other people’s experiences, especially when it comes to the creative arts so let’s see where it goes.  No doubt there will be tantrums, frustrations and general self-loathing from time to time but hopefully this will be tempered by excessive highs when people say nice things.  Lord only knows to what dizzy heights a decent review will take me.  Whatever happens, I just hope it’s a rollercoaster ride rather than a washed out damp squib.

So to get the ball rolling here are a few of the lovely things people have been saying so far on Amazon and Goodreads….
“a wonderful read and a great story”
“I found this book to be an excellent read from a fresh new author and would highly reccommend it!”

“I can’t recommend this highly enough”
“Betrayal, lies, secrets, love and blackmail all wrapped up in a nifty little thriller
a real page-turner that kept me gripped right up to end”
“impossible to let it go”
“A must”
“it’s a fabulous book!”
“a terrific rush to the finale.”

Aren’t people wonderful?

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