Frog In A Well

That’s me.  “Two steps forward, one step back”…

As the traditional working week comes to close I have at least managed to slowly wean myself off the Mac.  Well at least a little bit.  I even managed to watch a movie last night (‘Biutiful’ with Javier Bardem which I recommend though don’t expect more than an ounce of joy from it).   I seem to be constantly glued to the computer these days and in danger of even being called a workaholic – but you know what, that feels great because it’s the first time in my life I found something that I really can’t put down.  Would be nice if I could somehow earn a decent wage from it but I’m a patient woman and these things take time…

So this week my two steps forward were getting a couple of pieces online (links below) and having a number of reviews confirmed, although their online date is yet to be advised.  Steps back?  Only a couple of reviewers declining the offer, so no biggie I guess.  The most difficult points are the days when it all goes quiet and I run out of ideas and start to wonder what I’ve got myself into.  But today it’s Friday and I’m feeling positive so the general mindset is ‘at least I’ve got it out there, there’s no need for instant gratification’. Just a shame I’m so impatient.

Next step will be when the print proof finally arrives; then I can branch out with my promotional ideas.  As amazing at the digital age is, there are still some places where you need something tangible to hold in your hands.

Right, that’s it.  Enough about memememe.  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  I’ve got my screenwriter’s hat on at the moment and am off to a movie preview and director’s Q&A tomorrow.  Whatever you’re up to I hope you enjoy 😀


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