Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

IMG_2490 copyI am delighted to announce that my third novel, ‘Paper Boats’ will be published on Friday 12th February 2016 in paperback and on Kindle.  (The ebook is available for pre-order here. ) 

“Trapped in a suffocating marriage by a domineering husband and the ongoing fight to save her younger brother from self-destruction, Rebecca Croft’s determination to do the right thing appears unassailable. But when her carefully balanced existence is resolutely rocked by the arrival of a stranger from out of town, the opportunity to escape proves too hard to resist. By the time she discovers this meeting was no chance encounter, Rebecca is in too deep and quite likely in danger.  

‘Paper Boats’ is the story of one woman’s internal battle of loyalty and responsibility versus dreams and self-fulfilment. If only someone had warned her dreams often come at a price.”


It’s ‘publish and be damned’ time once again and it’s certainly taken a damned long time too.  When I look back over the numerous drafts it’s hard to believe I outlined this story back in September 2012 – what on earth have I been doing all this time?  A lot of rewrites for one, coupled with a fair bit of waiting to be honest.  A number of requests from publishers and agents for the full manuscript have kept me on tenterhooks for months but I feel the time has come to take matters into my own hands.  I’m itching to move on and start something fresh and in order to do that I need to set this one free first.  All I can hope is that it will be as well received as the previous two – for me that is more than enough.  Thankfully financial gain has never been a driving force, instead writing is a compulsion that simply has to be purged. So for as long as I have stories in my head I will keep on writing them down, a prospect that never ceases to excite me.   That said, I still can’t help but fondly think of this book as my very own ‘difficult third album’ – it’s time to see what everyone else thinks.

More news to come….