Roll Up, Roll Up!

“Trapped in a suffocating marriage by a domineering husband and the ongoing fight to save her younger brother from self-destruction, Rebecca Croft’s determination to do the right thing appears unassailable. But when her carefully balanced existence is resolutely rocked by the arrival of a stranger from out of town, the opportunity to escape proves too hard to resist. By the time she discovers this meeting was no chance encounter, Rebecca is in too deep and quite likely in danger.  

‘Paper Boats’ is the story of one woman’s internal battle of loyalty and responsibility versus dreams and self-fulfilment. If only someone had warned her dreams often come at a price.”

In anticipation of the forthcoming release of ‘Paper Boats’ on 12th February, five copies of the paperback proof are up for grabs via Goodreads to UK residents only. Books will be signed and posted prior to publication date. Giveaway is only open for a week so don’t hang about – enter now for the chance to get your hands on a copy before everyone else!

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Paper Boats by E.J. Mack

Paper Boats

by E.J. Mack

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