Drum Roll please….

IMG_2490 copy“Totally engrossing.”

“A novel to really get lost in.”

It’s out.  ‘Paper Boats’ has finally hit the press and is now available to download for Kindle via Amazon and, for all you paper addicts, through Lulu.com It will eventually be possible to order paperbacks from Amazon as well but it takes a few weeks to process – my apologies for this.  Whilst I know the majority of people have Amazon accounts I choose to use Lulu for printing because I find publishing with them to be a better experience when it comes to choice of product and ease of formatting, plus their delivery turnaround is excellent – I can normally get hold of stock in just two days.  So if you can bear to open yet another online account, join Lulu and you can have a paperback in your hands in a couple of days, at a much better price and with the knowledge that I will see at least some profit, however tiny (and tiny it is!).

I’ll leave it at that for now.  It was a late night last night, waiting for midnight to come around so I could get paperbacks on virtual shelves first thing today.  This is the life of an indie publisher – you have all the control but also all the responsibility.  Plus there’s the small matter of my son’s birthday today, which is exactly why I chose February 12th as publishing day.  A good luck charm and hopefully reason for a double celebration!